Mojo Jojo 6/24/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 12 Week Old Male Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

I will be a GIANT companion. Please make sure you have the proper hight of fence before inquiring about me. 

Tilly 4/29/20

2 Year Old Female Shepherd Mix

Piglet 3/20/20

1 Year Old Female German Short Hair Pointer Mix 

Nala 4/11/20

1 1/2 Year Old SPAYED Female Heeler / Kelpie Mix

​I am back! I need a family that has a very tall fence, over 6 foot, as I am an excellent jumper, and that has a lot of time and patience to help make me a better companion. I am a medium size girl that is high energy and is very strong when on a lead. I still have some things to learn as you can see. Will you be the perfect one to help train me?

Ella 3/20/20 (NOT AVAILABLE)

10 Week Old Female Shepherd Mix

May 6/25/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 4 Year Old Female Blue Heeler Mix

Shaw 3/20/20

1 Year Old Male Pit Mix

Walker 5/29/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

8 Months Old Male Walker Hound Mix

Tommy 4/15/20 

8 Month Old NEUTERED Male Lab Mix

​​Updated, July 3, 2020

Maybeline 6/23/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 6 Month Old Female Chihuahua Mix

Gubbles 6/11/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 10 Week Old Female Dachshund Mix

Casper 6/22/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 8 Month Old Male Chihuahua Mix

Charlie 12/12/19

6 Month Old Altered Male Red Lab Mix 

The name is Charlie and I am a hyper, rambunctious, lad that loves to go on walks and spend time with my humans friends. I will need training on how to learn what habits are not acceptable but I am a fairly quick learner so we can tackle that together! 

Bubba 6/22/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 1 Year Old Male Chihuahua Mix

Hobbs 3/20/20

1 Year Old Male Pit Mix

Rolo 6/27/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 1 Year Old Male Dachshund Mix

Eastwood  5/8/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

1 1/2 Year Old Male Blood Hound Mix

We have a lot of people interested in me however I am still in quarantine. I need to be healthy to be placed into my forever home which means the kennel staff is getting me up to date on vaccinations and watching to make sure I do not break with anything such as parvo, distemper, or kennel cough. I was also brought in to the shelter in a weak state due to the circumstances I was rescued in so they are taking extra precaution to ensure I do not have anything else going on with me.


Shay 6/25/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 10 Week Old Male Border Collie Mix

E.J 6/27/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 3 Year Old Male Doberman Mix

Achilles 1/24/20

1 Year Old Male Shepherd Mix 

Oh boy, what can we say about our beloved Achilles? He is such a handsome young man that is so filled with energy and happiness. He loves his toys and shows them off every chance he gets!

Bubbles 6/24/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 12 Week Old Female Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

I will be a GIANT companion. Please make sure you have the proper hight of fence before inquiring about me. 

Hulk 6/23/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 3 Year Old Altered Male Long Hair Chihuahua Mix

I am a small dog that needs a little TLC. I will need a home that understands me with no small children and that will give me my space when I need it. My fence requirement is 4 feet.

Please review our adoption policies before inquiring about any adoption!

Thank you!

Shadow 7/2/20 ( NOT AVAILABLE)

 6 Month Old Male Pit Mix

Nya 6/4/20

 1 Year Old Female Shepherd Mix

Hello! My name is Nya. I am a very sweet girl that is looking for a forever family to love and cuddle with. I want to go on some long cool walks with you and play ball and maybe even learn some new tricks! My fence requirement is 6 feet.