Grizzly 10-17-2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)

3 Years Old Male German Shepherd 

Handsome boy!

Sweet attitude!

Holstein D.O.B 6-17-18 

8 Weeks Old As Of 8-12-18

​Female Chihuahua Cross

She's a happy little girl!

​Big personality.

Freedom 10-6-2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)

2 Year Old Female Boxer Cross

Loving girl! Very submissive..

Chico 9-27-2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)

2 Years Old Male Chihuahua

Great big personality just like his great BIG ears!

Big Gal 10-3-2018 

2 Year Old  Female Boxer Cross 

Sweet mannered girl cute face!

Hereford D.O.B 6-17-18 

8 Weeks Old As Of 8-12-18

​Male Chihuahua Cross 

​Love to be your cuddle buddy!

Galloway D.O.B 6-17-2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)

8 Weeks Old As Of 8-12-18

​Male Chihuahua Cross

He loves to wag his little tail!

Honey Pie 9-4-2018 

7 Months Old Female Mastiff Dane Cross 

BIG  beautiful Girl! Very submissive loves belly rubs!

Sissy 9-14-2018 

2 Year Old Spayed Female Chihuahua

Sweet girl! Cute face!

Lucy 8-17-2018 

6 Yr  Old Spayed Female Wire Hair Terrier 

Lucy is a sweet girl. She has to be with dogs her size no bigger!

Taki 9-27-2018 

3 Month Old Female Aussie X

Cute little girl! Sweet face!

Tonka 9-28-2018 

10 Weeks Old Male Aussie / Border Collie

​He is the cutest little bundle of joy!

Nubbles 8-28-2018 

1 Yr Old Male Heeler Cross

He is very intent on finding a good home!

Starla 7/6 

1 Year old female German Shepherd Cross

Super sweet, Super affectionate, 

​Tinker after being groomed!

Scrappy 8-22-2018 

1 Year Old Male Chihuahua Cross

Timid little boy at first, but i'm sure he'll warm your heart!

Lucky Girl 8-11-2018 

​Year Old Female Shepherd X 

​Loves to be next to you every minute.

Sweet Heart 10-10-2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)

1 Year Old Female Whippet Cross.

​Happy light hearted girl!

Carmello 8-28-2018 

2 Yr Old Male Husky 

​Very energetic boy!


Updated, October 20,2018

Little Sarge 8-23-18

1 Yr Old Male German Shepherd Cross

Handsome boy! Great personality.

Tinker 8-24-2018 

​3 Years Old Male Terrier Cross

Happy little boy! Waiting for a forever loving home!

Angus D.O.B 6-17-18 

8 Weeks Old As Of 8-12-18

​Female Chihuahua Cross 

She's a happy pup full ENERGY and Love!