Updated, May 18, 2022

Roswell Humane Society Spay / Neuter Program

(Changes have been made as of 11-10-21)

Program Details

  • No proof of income required
  • Valid I.D. must be shown at time of voucher being issued
  • Each voucher covers up to $150 off the sterilization of your cat or dog.
    • This does not include any pain medication, antibiotics, etc.
  • There is still a limit as to how many vouchers a household can be issued.
    • (2 at home pets and 1 Roswell Animal Services Reclaim)
  • Our Vouchers now assist with the reclaim of your animal if picked up by Roswell Animal Services (limited)
    • Proof must be shown
  • You must be a Chaves county resident​
  • You can NOT use the program if your animal is at the Roswell Humane Society shelter
  • You can NOT use the program to help assist in any adoption

***If you are needing a voucher and do not know if you have used our program before we highly encourage you to come down and talk to us.***